Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Birthday Dedication to le old bestie

Good morning!! Its 2.30 am on a Wednesday haha. Anyways, see the date today^^ Its 26th Dec: Qey's birthday :D


You do look like a fish >.< and I love you for your fish look alike hahhaha no lah kidding onlyyyyy heheh I miss you bitch! Every year aku kasi kau hadiah! Hadiah aku mana! Haaaa hahhahaha that reminds me I still have Nash's last year's birthday present wimme at home--" Nash claim lah! Hahha I gave Qey's last year already LOL

Anyways, I wish you all the best and have a blasting birthday^^ And may you be blessed :D 
ai wev yiu beshtiee :*

Friday, December 7, 2012

Thankyou blogwalkers^^

I never realised I''ve so many blogwalkers walking/strolling and peeking into my blog :D Thankyou2 for visiting my blog. I shall visit yours too (: When I'm not so busy that is LOL. I've been busy getting ready for finals and the tests this week! OMG! I cant imagine how the results are gonna be T.T I flunked the papers pretty bad--"

I suck in everything I do...sometime I feel like I wanna give up and curl up in my bed and sleep for the rest of my life. But with LOADS of food stock so I wont get fungry during I hibernate(: The real reason I opened my blog is bcs I wanted to write some stuff but not here, instead in my PRIVATE blog^^ This is my public blog hahah ya I just started writing recently bcs I'm that lazy type to open a book and scribble things. Basically, I'm lazy to WRITE  a diary haha so ya...but still, I'm not that rajin either to open my blog and update everytime haha like this public blog. Because lah! You need a laptop to write in blogs and a wifi or an internet cable to log into blogspot. When thats the case, I feel writing in a diary would be much easier. Hahaha so I guess, I'll still be writing in diaries since its portable(: but blog is also another way I can express myself^^ okay byeee and thankyou again for visiting my blog^^

Friday, July 20, 2012

Sarah and Beng??

 I found this from Nash's blog HAHA..It's funny but it's actually rather flattering (: My real name has great description and really it's so ME! HAHA but my nickname was the vice versa lol so I guess I'd have to use my REAL name more often! Hihihi feast your eyes on "SARAH"
 1. Sarah
A cool girl, generally pretty, smart and funny. into expressing herself through music, art, and or acting. fun to be around, and even though she may not know it, shes loved by everyone. people who hate her, either hate her for something she did or hate her out of jealousy. Shes very romantic and a little bookish, but can also be sexy when she wants to. Usually very happy/positive, unless something emotionally or mentally crusing happens.
guy 1:"did you see that girl, yesterday she looked kinda quiet, but today shes letting her true colours show!"
guy 2:"she's such a sarah"
guy 1:"I secretly love that girl! i have to find out who she is!
5. Sarah

The most remarkable human being you will ever know. Possessing class, and a grace that defines the delicateness and warmth of her personality. Her smile has the ability to turn the most monumentally horrific situations into lasting, happy memories. The lightest touch from her can send chills through your body. Stare into her eyes and you'll see the goodness of her loving soul. Kiss her and you will lose yourself in an endless labyrinth of joy. Her humble nature precludes her from understanding the effect she has on you. But make no mistake, crossing her path will irrevocably change who you are, make you an infinitely better person, and will cause you to fall in love with her. She is your soulmate, lover, and best friend. She will never know how special she is to you.
My only desire in this entire world, is to see her face and hear her call out my name. Sarah is the love of my life.
1. Beng

Generally crap, not good.
You're just beng.
That's not entirely antibeng.
2. Beng

The typical Chinese guy more commonly found in Singapore. Similar to lian. Dyed hair, listens to techno. Pretty vulgar too. Speaks in Chinese and Hokkien more often than English. And when they do speak English, it may be hard to understand their mangled form of English.

However, there are those few Bengs who are actually pretty highly-educated. But their manner gives it away.

Often think people are constantly staring at them. Sometimes this results in a fight with whoever they thought were staring at them.
The Ah bengs at the void deck are making such a ruckus. And it's 1am now!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hope YOU wont get to read this

Hey so I haven't been updating you
Well, today imma write something (:
You know my ex-boyfriend right? Aidil yeah that SDAR guy I dated when I was Form3
Well, we sorta IM-ed each other a couple of days ago...actually I was the who IM-ed him first
I dont know why but I have this urge of just to keep in contact with him--"
And the fact I am absurdly jealous of him and his girlfriend now is crap=.= just bcs he and his girlfriend are together for so long (since we broke up till now) 
I know..I know I'm that freak ex-girlfriend (I dont think that way though, just thought people would say that way so..yeah)

Anyways, I asked him I remembered he went for asasi in science last year and he said yes and he asked me which U I get for UPU
So, I said I got UMP (which is not that awesome for the record..everyone knows that these U's are THE best--->UTM, UPM, UKM, USM, UM, UIA) Well, I'm just living in the real world and so it's a fact that these Universities are the top ones in Malaysia
And I told him I got Mechanical Engineering and I asked him which U and course did he get
Surprisingly(like literally surprised!), he said he got Medic and he got an offer from UITM (where he did his asasi) to go to Indonesia to do his Degree :O
He said he has to go on the 5th of August

I am proud of him and happy for him but at the same time I kinda feel depressed and envy(of course, I've been wanting to fly overseas for my studies)
Depressed because he's my ex and he's so smart and I feel embarrassed I mocked him (kinda) when he didn't get good grades in his PMR and I suppose it's coming back to me--->KARMA much--"
And so we ended our conversation with him asking me what was I doing at the moment and was I busy working....
It showed there, he wanted to end the conversation that instant bcs I was being rather excited and too chirpy and prolly he felt uncomfortable (okay I admit I was being extra pathetic there--")

I dont know why but I have this feeling inside me that I need to prove to him(especially) I can fly overseas just like he did!
Just like Form3 like I showed him I can get 8A's for my PMR even after he broke up with me
I feel pathetic writing this now but at least I feel great now
Just like a friend of mine said 'I just don't really have the ears that wants to listen to it' so its good that I can write it here (:


Sunday, June 24, 2012

The two sweet genius couple(:

Oh my goood this is like EFFING FREAKINSHLY SWEET! 
I've always been a lil jellybeans with these two--" lol :D
They're Huixin and Raymond! This 2 couple are like the best cute couples ever ;)
I've seen them being sweet together and I know they're gonna be together for a long LOOOONG time (: 
This is a SUPER GENIUS CUTE AND SWEET math equation by Raymond
Raymond: solve this..*a few minutes later*,
Huixin: nah...u>1/3
Raymond: (stunned) see properly...see through your working...
Huixin: (look for many times and tried to do again)
Raymond: you are correct...just look thru the working
Huixin: look for a few times still cant get it...
Raymond: see the last 2nd line
Huixin: (smiled)
I just hate you smart couples lol --"
I wish my guy would be Raymond!
Huixin and Raymond ^^
Wish you two the best in life and hope to see you two get married :D

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hazwani Kaysie my nutcrackercase jiejie

I opened my tumblr and got no interest in updating 'em
and I opened my blog and read thru my old entries (I know it's lame reading your own entries but wtf? I dont care haha)
and read Ainn's blog about her school gangs and her result! Wow she's like incredibly AWESOME

I mean, to think how she studied yeah, she did work her ass off and she should get that pointer, she deserves it but she also sleeps a lot and didnt stressed out or feel pressured same goes to Sha (Ainn's roomate/my 'annyeong' friend LOL) but they scored well, congrats to you guys (: I'm happy for you I really am

And I went and read Kaysie's blog so okay she had a few new entries which are about her London trip, about Shah, about her bipolar feelings again (HAHA!) and whatnot--> well, her blog's name IS 'crappy patty' so you get the idea, she craps a lot HAHA
And I love her for that <3
And so I've decided to update my blog hewhew plus Yazmin also did hers(:

I never really thought I'd be close with Kaysie yeah since I NEVER really know she existed (and I'm sure she too doesnt know I existed during that period LOL) ever since I was in Form1 till Form3 and I became closer to her during Form5(:
Form3 was bcs I was quite close with Jac in English class, we sat next to each other and never actually listened to what Ms Noren blabbed HAHA! And she SELDOM and like RARELY comes to class so apparently we didnt have english classes during F3 (woot!woot!) and Kaysie's also in my English class but she somehow sat quietly behind and did her own stuff and well Jac and I boooorak borak sampai English period finish ady LOL

And the next year something big happened and it involved Kaysie's sister and the next year lagi we became close like fucking close bcs of kpop LOL (somehow this KPOP thing is a good thing can bring people together and be friends^^)

And so thats how Kaysie and I became good friends now in fact, she's my jiejie okay haha we're fucking twins with different skin colour and different height and different tahap kecinaan LOL (syok sdr jap) 
But I love you for you (: 
And Kaysie juga lah yang selalu dok tidur rumah sayaa walaupun dia org Kuching Sarawak hewhewhew ^^

Friday, April 27, 2012

lovely 3 lenglui's LOL

We never took pictures with just the three of us so the on the second last day, we snapped some pictures at cafe B *sobs*
I'm kinda close with these two lenglui here compared to the other non-malay friends of mine
Well, it's quite sad actually that they lived far from me
I'm in KL and they're in Perak but it's nice to have known such good friends while I was in matrix

 That's Hui Xin (lenglui 1), lovely me(^^) and Hui Teng (lenglui 2) (:

We were eating dinner and decided we'd take some last shots together
awww I'm missing them already);

 And that's me and Hui Teng^^

And Hui Xin and me 
This picture was EPIC! We tried taking a picture inside a picture and it turned out the 2nd picture(which is inside this picture) was 'saving' the picture LOL
a little late tho Hxin lol