Friday, April 27, 2012

lovely 3 lenglui's LOL

We never took pictures with just the three of us so the on the second last day, we snapped some pictures at cafe B *sobs*
I'm kinda close with these two lenglui here compared to the other non-malay friends of mine
Well, it's quite sad actually that they lived far from me
I'm in KL and they're in Perak but it's nice to have known such good friends while I was in matrix

 That's Hui Xin (lenglui 1), lovely me(^^) and Hui Teng (lenglui 2) (:

We were eating dinner and decided we'd take some last shots together
awww I'm missing them already);

 And that's me and Hui Teng^^

And Hui Xin and me 
This picture was EPIC! We tried taking a picture inside a picture and it turned out the 2nd picture(which is inside this picture) was 'saving' the picture LOL
a little late tho Hxin lol