Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hazwani Kaysie my nutcrackercase jiejie

I opened my tumblr and got no interest in updating 'em
and I opened my blog and read thru my old entries (I know it's lame reading your own entries but wtf? I dont care haha)
and read Ainn's blog about her school gangs and her result! Wow she's like incredibly AWESOME

I mean, to think how she studied yeah, she did work her ass off and she should get that pointer, she deserves it but she also sleeps a lot and didnt stressed out or feel pressured same goes to Sha (Ainn's roomate/my 'annyeong' friend LOL) but they scored well, congrats to you guys (: I'm happy for you I really am

And I went and read Kaysie's blog so okay she had a few new entries which are about her London trip, about Shah, about her bipolar feelings again (HAHA!) and whatnot--> well, her blog's name IS 'crappy patty' so you get the idea, she craps a lot HAHA
And I love her for that <3
And so I've decided to update my blog hewhew plus Yazmin also did hers(:

I never really thought I'd be close with Kaysie yeah since I NEVER really know she existed (and I'm sure she too doesnt know I existed during that period LOL) ever since I was in Form1 till Form3 and I became closer to her during Form5(:
Form3 was bcs I was quite close with Jac in English class, we sat next to each other and never actually listened to what Ms Noren blabbed HAHA! And she SELDOM and like RARELY comes to class so apparently we didnt have english classes during F3 (woot!woot!) and Kaysie's also in my English class but she somehow sat quietly behind and did her own stuff and well Jac and I boooorak borak sampai English period finish ady LOL

And the next year something big happened and it involved Kaysie's sister and the next year lagi we became close like fucking close bcs of kpop LOL (somehow this KPOP thing is a good thing can bring people together and be friends^^)

And so thats how Kaysie and I became good friends now in fact, she's my jiejie okay haha we're fucking twins with different skin colour and different height and different tahap kecinaan LOL (syok sdr jap) 
But I love you for you (: 
And Kaysie juga lah yang selalu dok tidur rumah sayaa walaupun dia org Kuching Sarawak hewhewhew ^^