Sunday, June 24, 2012

The two sweet genius couple(:

Oh my goood this is like EFFING FREAKINSHLY SWEET! 
I've always been a lil jellybeans with these two--" lol :D
They're Huixin and Raymond! This 2 couple are like the best cute couples ever ;)
I've seen them being sweet together and I know they're gonna be together for a long LOOOONG time (: 
This is a SUPER GENIUS CUTE AND SWEET math equation by Raymond
Raymond: solve this..*a few minutes later*,
Huixin: nah...u>1/3
Raymond: (stunned) see properly...see through your working...
Huixin: (look for many times and tried to do again)
Raymond: you are correct...just look thru the working
Huixin: look for a few times still cant get it...
Raymond: see the last 2nd line
Huixin: (smiled)
I just hate you smart couples lol --"
I wish my guy would be Raymond!
Huixin and Raymond ^^
Wish you two the best in life and hope to see you two get married :D