Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hope YOU wont get to read this

Hey so I haven't been updating you
Well, today imma write something (:
You know my ex-boyfriend right? Aidil yeah that SDAR guy I dated when I was Form3
Well, we sorta IM-ed each other a couple of days ago...actually I was the who IM-ed him first
I dont know why but I have this urge of just to keep in contact with him--"
And the fact I am absurdly jealous of him and his girlfriend now is crap=.= just bcs he and his girlfriend are together for so long (since we broke up till now) 
I know..I know I'm that freak ex-girlfriend (I dont think that way though, just thought people would say that way so..yeah)

Anyways, I asked him I remembered he went for asasi in science last year and he said yes and he asked me which U I get for UPU
So, I said I got UMP (which is not that awesome for the record..everyone knows that these U's are THE best--->UTM, UPM, UKM, USM, UM, UIA) Well, I'm just living in the real world and so it's a fact that these Universities are the top ones in Malaysia
And I told him I got Mechanical Engineering and I asked him which U and course did he get
Surprisingly(like literally surprised!), he said he got Medic and he got an offer from UITM (where he did his asasi) to go to Indonesia to do his Degree :O
He said he has to go on the 5th of August

I am proud of him and happy for him but at the same time I kinda feel depressed and envy(of course, I've been wanting to fly overseas for my studies)
Depressed because he's my ex and he's so smart and I feel embarrassed I mocked him (kinda) when he didn't get good grades in his PMR and I suppose it's coming back to me--->KARMA much--"
And so we ended our conversation with him asking me what was I doing at the moment and was I busy working....
It showed there, he wanted to end the conversation that instant bcs I was being rather excited and too chirpy and prolly he felt uncomfortable (okay I admit I was being extra pathetic there--")

I dont know why but I have this feeling inside me that I need to prove to him(especially) I can fly overseas just like he did!
Just like Form3 like I showed him I can get 8A's for my PMR even after he broke up with me
I feel pathetic writing this now but at least I feel great now
Just like a friend of mine said 'I just don't really have the ears that wants to listen to it' so its good that I can write it here (: