Friday, December 7, 2012

Thankyou blogwalkers^^

I never realised I''ve so many blogwalkers walking/strolling and peeking into my blog :D Thankyou2 for visiting my blog. I shall visit yours too (: When I'm not so busy that is LOL. I've been busy getting ready for finals and the tests this week! OMG! I cant imagine how the results are gonna be T.T I flunked the papers pretty bad--"

I suck in everything I do...sometime I feel like I wanna give up and curl up in my bed and sleep for the rest of my life. But with LOADS of food stock so I wont get fungry during I hibernate(: The real reason I opened my blog is bcs I wanted to write some stuff but not here, instead in my PRIVATE blog^^ This is my public blog hahah ya I just started writing recently bcs I'm that lazy type to open a book and scribble things. Basically, I'm lazy to WRITE  a diary haha so ya...but still, I'm not that rajin either to open my blog and update everytime haha like this public blog. Because lah! You need a laptop to write in blogs and a wifi or an internet cable to log into blogspot. When thats the case, I feel writing in a diary would be much easier. Hahaha so I guess, I'll still be writing in diaries since its portable(: but blog is also another way I can express myself^^ okay byeee and thankyou again for visiting my blog^^